Ashlee Simpson Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)



And all I ever hear is ay ya ya ya ya
You’re talking way too much
I can’t even hear me now
All this noise is messing with my head
You’re in my head, get outta my head
Outta my, outta my head
Get outta my head
Outta my, outta my head
Outta my, outta my head
Just what I said, what

You looking at me, boy?
Show me repsect, or I’ll show you the door
Get out that door
Lately, I’ve a problem with the way you behave
You’re too much
And all… for me

All your opinions, keep them to yourself
Just let me think so I can hear myself
Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just go solo, take a day off
I’d be all right if you would just leave me…
Ay ya ya ya, you’re talking way too much
You tell me one time… I’ll bite your head off …
who I am, and I can’t be no one else
You’ve got nothing nice to say, keep your comments to yourself

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  • OuT My HeAd Ene 26, 2008 Responder

    Esta muy padre la cancion de ash, espero que todos sus fans la apoyen y compren su disco, ya que es una chica muy linda y talentosa. Apoyenla y denle la oportunidad de ser la nueva princesa del pop.